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Our staff are fully qualified to service and repair the air conditioning systems on all makes and models of cars.

We have computer controlled equipment to service, diagnose and recharge air conditioning systems. It is recommended to have your system serviced every 2-3 years to keep it working efficiently. There will be a natural loss of the refrigerant gas during this period when the system is fully functional, therefore the process comprises of testing the pressures within the system, then removing and weighing the refrigerant gas and if it is unusually low then we test for leaks with nitrogen. If any leak is present then the the owner would be informed of any additional costs prior to work being carried out. Once the leak is sorted the system then undergoes a deep vacuum to draw out any moisture and impurities. Then the correct amount of gas as stated by the vehicle manufacturer is put into the system and again the pressures are checked and the vent temperature inside the car is monitored to ensure the system is operating correctly.

We can also carry out an anti bacterial cleaning process if you have a unpleasant smell coming from the air vents, as bacteria can grow on the evaporator in the heater system.

If you have any further questions or would like a quote then please do not hesitate to contact us.