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Four Wheel Alignment << back to services 

We are now offering complete 4 wheel alignment using the latest Bosch computerised 8 camera equipment. The wheel alignment should be checked whenever uneven tyre wear is present,the steering pulls to one side or the steering wheel is not straight. Also if any steering or suspension components are replaced due to wear and tear or damage such as hitting potholes or kerbs.

The correct wheel alignment will reduce friction forces between the tyres and the road, therefore increasing efficiency and reducing fuel consumption. In addition misalignment can cause uneven tyre wear, which when corrected  will minimise this and consequently increase tyre life, saving money in the long term. The handling of the vehicle will also be improved, this means that safety is enhanced and a smoother, more comfortable ride is achieved.

This process involves checking all the steering and suspension geometry, front and rear, as opposed to just the tracking or front toe which only measures the angle the front wheels are pointing. There are many more measurements to be taken such as caster, camber, king pin inclination, thrust angle, set back, front toe, and rear toe. This is done by clamping a device to each wheel which has two cameras incorporated so that a full 360 degree measurement can be taken. To get the correct result the rear geometry is measured first because if the rear wheels are not pointing in the right direction then the front wheel measurements cannot be correct. Once a full measurement has been made and recorded, then any adjustments are carried out to manufacturers specification and a print out is supplied.

We can also cater for modified, track or race cars by tailoring the alignment to customer requirements.

Our staff are fully trained by Bosch to use this equipment which is calibrated regularly to ensure a complete and accurate service.

If you have any further questions or would like a quote then please do not hesitate to contact us.